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Most people say that I am a secret grunge rocker with my penchant for skulls, torn jeans, tee shirts and leather jackets. But I confess that I actually love flowers and floral prints. Who’s to say we can’t marry leather or denim with floral prints? Take a cue from these photos:

SOLE2SOLE | Floral Trend

Image from www.fashionsy.com

SOLE2SOLE Floral Trend

Image from www.vivaluxury.blogspot.com

SOLE2SOLE Floral Trends

Image from www.etsy.com

Flowers, I mean real flowers, always bring me an inner peace and joy. There’s nothing like having a flowers in your home or work place to create a place of beauty and serenity.


Floral prints are back in trend again, as we’ve seen on the catwalk shows. These prints are on blouses, capri pants, stretchy jeans and skirts, even jackets! But if you are tired of wearing the floral prints on your clothes, you might want to consider them for your footwear instead!  

So it’s no surprise that with my love for flowers, when sourcing for a range of shoes under our very own SOLE 2 SOLE label, the first collection arrived with flower prints on them!

Mind you, it was unintentional, but when I saw the fabrics, it was so exciting to create.

Given the prints, the best way to present the style was to have a plain pump. In fact, the factory had the sample done with a huge bow which was a tad “loud” in my opinion. So I insisted on having the bow removed. The result was a simple pump on a good heel height that a lot of our customers were comfortable with.

The ballet flats are pointed (as is the trend) and with a slight in-built wedge so the shoes are not completely flat.

I’ve worn my floral print SOLE 2 SOLE flats with jeans, capri pants, skirts and dresses.

A tip: keep your clothes in solid colours so as not to detract from the prints on your feet! Floral prints on heels are ever so pretty to wear with skirts and add style to your outfit even when paired with jeans.

The SOLE 2 SOLE floral printed pumps and ballet flats are true to size, some customers have commented they are a little snug but they do stretch after wearing.

I got mine in a size 38 thinking that the 37 was a little tight (perhaps it was a water retention day) but after wearing them for awhile, I now have to put gel cushions inside as they are too loose! 

So why not get yourself a pair from us ? Oh, while you’re at it, you might want to check out these fabulous offers on these items from Lulu Guinness with the same theme!

Happy shopping! 


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