Step into the neon trend with these heels from United Nude!

By now, you’d realise that neon is a big thing this season, and admittedly, it’s not an easy thing to wear. For those who are used to more subtle colours, you’d be terrified of looking like a traffic cone, and trust us, you’re not the only one!

Here’s some Dos & Don’ts!

Don’t: Channel your inner Lollipop Lady

Fact: If you go head to toe in one shade of neon you’re going to look like a lollipop lady (no disrespect to lollipop ladies of course), but on the plus side you’re not going to get run over. Dressing head to toe in any trend can instantly kill the look, and yes, we’ve all been there. For me, I took the 2010 nautical trend to a whole new level, so much so, that my boss asked me whether I was working pirate chic. Meow!

Do: Mix neons with camel or muted tones

The best way to carry off the neon trend is by breaking up the colour with some camel or muted tones. For instance, try a bright aqua skirt with a camel blouse for a fashionable yet completely workable contrast.

Don’t: Be creative and switch your make-up for a neon highlighting pen

As a child, curiosity once got the better of me and I tried to colour myself in with a neon highlighting pen. I’m not proud, but what started out as an innovative way to make-up my eye lids, progressed to my lips, cheeks, arms, and legs. Before I knew it I was like the lady who’d been poked by James Bond’s Goldfinger. Although this seems like a no brainer, I know the extremes that we fashionistas will go to in order to be on trend, so, invest in some actual neon make-up, as there really are some great shades around.

Do: Experiment with minimal neon make-up

The words neon and make-up can be quite daunting, but if you chose just one area of your face to inject with a little neon colour, then, it’s quite difficult to go wrong. Integrate some flicked out neon eyeliner into your usual look for a surprisingly subtle yet interesting change.

Don’t: Give Pat Butcher a run for her money

Statement jewellery can look really effective, and give a mundane outfit that much needed lift, but let’s face it, it’s very easy to over accessorise even if the pieces aren’t gargantuan. Follow my rule of thumb; if you can picture it on Pat, then put it back. Well, it takes a certain kind of lady who can carry off neon pineapple shaped earrings.

Do: Opt for minimal neon accessories

Minimal neon accessories can be great for those of you who are still a little dubious about this whole neon trend. For instance, a simple neon ring or bracelet worn with the simplest of attires would be a quiet yet great way to stay on trend.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the shops! Buy United Nude …

Update 1 January 2019

You can buy United Nude from their official website:

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