Most of us turn to clothes to fix our common body hang-ups, but we tend to forget that shoes help show off the favourite parts of your body, or even help make the least favourite bits a tad better.

Problem: Small and petite

Shoe Tips: If your legs are on the shorter and slimmer side, you usually would want to add height to your frame. Think platforms, wedges and heels without straps. Straps would almost cut your leg off in two, making you look even smaller. Make sure there’s nothing in the line of vision between your heel and the rest of your leg. If you want to wear flats, make sure you’re wearing a dress that falls above your knee – anything below it will make you look even tinier.

Problem: Short and thick

Shoe Tips: Watch Jersey Shore – and whatever Snooki is wearing on her feet – do the complete opposite. Instead, try a simple pair of heels with a bright pop of colour or a unique print so attention gets drawn away from your short legs. Some other flattering choices are open-toed shoes with a solid heel and boots that end just below the knee, not mid-calf. Since your legs tend to be on the thicker side, stay away from gladiator flats or any other shoe style that wraps around your ankle. On that note, it’s best to avoid flats as well, because they can make your legs look shorter and thicker.

Problem: Tall and thin

Shoe Tips: Being tall and thin is almost never a problem, and if someone tells you that you shouldn’t be wearing heels because you’re tall enough – stick your leg out next time they’re walking past and trip them. Show off your modelesque physique with a pair of strappy sandals with an ankle strap (it will also give some edge to your feet) especially if you have thin ankles. Ballet flats are great for you because you have the height advantage. Stay away from chunky heels and platforms because they may overwhelm your ankles.

Problem: Muscular legs

Shoe Tips: All those triathlons and working out gave you “man legs”, but the truth is – toned legs are all kinds of sexy. You probably have a killer booty too! To elongate the leg, choose a super high heel – in particular, pointy, open-toed shoes and stilettos that will make your legs look leaner. In addition, avoid rounded toe pumps, small squared heels and delicate styles like ballet flats or kitten heels because they can add weight to your legs and make them look heavier.

When in doubt, try on a pair of stilettos. This universally-flattering shoe will always make you look taller, sexier and thinner. What more could you possibly want?

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