What a sensational piece of footwear.  It’s a street-stopper.  But let’s face it. Not every woman can wear this shoe. If your normal shoes size is a 10, your foot will appear 2 sizes larger in this shoe. A 12? Yes. Isn’t 10 big enough?

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Shoe Tip: This “Just Cavalli” pump is simply gorgeous.  But in a pointy toe, your foot does not extend all the way forward in the shoe.  It can’t.  There’s no room in the toe area for all of your toes, regardless how narrow your foot is.  You can see 1/2 inch of this model’s toebed.  Imagine how much empty space is in the front of the shoe.

This doesn’t work for women with large feet – that is,  if you are concerned about your foot taking on the resemblance of the Titanic.

Shoe Tip: So, what do you wear to make your feet look smaller?

A higher wedge heel will give you a lift that will make the foot look shorter. Like this Christian Louboutin Wedge. The ornamentation across the top helps even more by breaking up the foot.  This shoe is extremely comfortable too.

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Baby Phat Heels

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These Baby Phat Heels (left) will make any foot look smaller.  The design will help camouflage the foot.  And the height of the heel will display your foot more on a diagonal as opposed to a flat, long loafer style.

If you have pretty feet that are long, try a shoe with clear acrylic as part of the design.  Just be aware the shoe will cause a lot of stares because at first glance, people will think you are not wearing shoes at all.

Most flat shoes and pumps will make feet appear larger.  Even a pump with a square toe can be unattractive.

If you have trouble finding shoes, find a store where you can try on all you want without the help of a salesperson.  Stores like Nordstrom Rack have all their shoes out where you can try them on all day long, as many as you want.  Most stores, even high end stores like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus have shoes out on display during a sale.  Trying on different styles will also give you ideas about what suits you best.

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