While checking out a pretty lady some time ago, a good friend of mine commented, “Wow, she has legs up to her neck!” And honestly, it did look like she was all legs and then, head. His comment came to mind when I was whipping up this article.

Lucky Magazine did a fun little article on how to look taller with three easy styling tricks. Because let’s be honest, no matter how tall or short we are, we would all love to have mile-long legs any day of the week, right? So, here are the tips.

Keep the colour palette light. Supposedly pairing up pale tones (like the dress and the shoes duo above) creates a visual space.

Always choose the flared fit pants. The cut makes your legs look long and lean especially if you’re wearing heels.

Punctuate properly like on these two photos above. Lucky Mag says that when wearing shorter pants (or rolling them up), always leave a waistband exposed.

(Photos by/via Stockholm Street StyleLes Composantesc-aptivate & Wit + Delight)

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