Comfortable Ballet Flats By French Sole

Every woman loves the look and the style of trendy ballet flats, right?

They’re beautiful, they’re lightweight, and they go with almost everything.

There is only one problem with the traditional ballet flat shoes, and that would be the uncomfortable make of them. Most pairs of ballet flats are completely flat, which would be where they get the name ‘ballet flats’ from.

Wearing a shoe that is so flat on our feet can be very uncomfortable, and not very good for the arch of your foot in the long run, no pun intended!

We’re really glad that the design team at French Sole has researched all of the problems that can come from wearing a shoe so flat, and tried their hardest to create a shoe that would maintain its style and keep it looking trendy, without being potentially uncomfortable and even harmful for your feet.

French Sole has taken the original sole from the ballet flats that we all know and love, and changed them just a little bit to be better for our feet, and so that they can be worn more often than the original style of the ballet flat, which was so bad for your feet and very, very uncomfortable. Especially on days when you have to take long walks, having a sole in your shoe that isn’t really meant for much travel can mean blisters and sore, aching feet.

We’ve all experienced this, and we all want it to be put to an end!


Most shoes that we find to be absolutely beautiful and that we absolutely must have, are the kinds of shoes that are made strictly for style, and to look good on your feet with your favorite outfit. None of them are really manufactured to be easy on your feet and give the arch of your foot good support.

That’s why French Sole has changed the ballet flat game.

They’ve taken the original soles of ballet flats, and inserted a small heel, to give the foot a little elevation so that it isn’t so flat. 

French Sole sells many different colors and styles of ballet flats, all with the same structure and design, just to be good for your feet and more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Some of the flats that they carry could be worn on a daily basis! It’s no wonder French Sole ballet flats are popular with women of all ages and endorsed by many celebrities!

Drop on by to take a look at their stylish, comfortable ballet flats.

You and your feet won’t regret it!

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