There’s a tingle in the air and a spring in almost everybody’s step – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and let’s admit it – four days to Christmas, and if you haven’t already gotten all the gifts you need to get, it’s crunch time. Here’s a one-stop guide for all the important women that matter:

For the wanderlusting sister:

The Mukluk Fit Flop boots in Amethyst – comfy, useful and in a quirky colour, this pair of boots will take her Holocaust museum-hopping in Germany to zipping through crowds in bustling Tokyo!

For the stylish girlfriend/ wife:

Lulu Guinness’ shocking pink perspex lips clutch – a classic head-turner that will definitely garner squeals of delight all round the Christmas tree as she unboxes her gift. We can’t get enough of the lips clutch even though we’ve seen it season after season, year after year – and neither will she!

The BFF that’s obsessed with London:

A ticket to see the queen might be a tad too pricey, but take her out for tea and get her these rockin’ pair of London Soles instead. She’ll always have a little piece of British style to remember her favourite city by!

For the granny with the quirky style:

For freak showers that happen all the time now, you don’t want your quirky little granny soaking wet from the cold. Get her the super cool birdcage brolly – she’d be the talk of the town and the most stylish grandma for miles around!

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