Shame on you if you don’t know. Lucky for you, you can count on us on being the insider BFFs that will dish all the secrets and who’s who of the fashion circles, like the genius that is Desti Saint.

The brand, like the woman behind the brand, whose name really is Desti Saint, is no stranger to SOLE 2 SOLE – but we’ve only very recently started stocking her hand braided range of bags on our site. We love her as much as we love her collection of stunning bags.

In an interview, Desti said, “I have Asia in my heart,” bag designer Desti Saint says. Desti lives in Singapore and has traveled extensively throughout Asia. She even adds ingots that feature Chinese characters to some of her bags. The double happiness symbol is one of her favorites – it represents happiness, love and laughter. “It is believed that having this symbol around you and in your life spreads double happiness to everyone you encounter,” Desti says. 

Her Hand Braided range of clutches, which are available for purchase on our site, have been handstitched by Balinese artisans. They’re made of long strings of buttery soft leathers, and stitched by hand for days to create a work of art. Truly a bag to show off!

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