Mothers are given a day of celebration, and so are teachers – nurses too. Afterall, these are worldly commendable occupations that require dedication, and a lot of patience. But what about the rest of us? Which is why International Women’s Day is enough a reason to celebrate your best friend, your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your colleagues, your neighbours – shower all the women around you with love.

Now, more than ever, thousands of women all over the world suffer from a whole slew of self-esteem issues including negative body issues, self-deprecation, Here’s the thing – while patriarchy still exists, more than anything, I think women oppress other women more than men do. It’s terrible – the bitching, the backstabbing, the whole slew of negativity that probably stems from self-esteem, jealousy and anger issues and inflicted upon an innocent person. Sometimes, we don’t even know we’re doing it – it could just be a passing judgement on what a curvier girl shouldn’t be wearing, for example. The anonymity that comes with the Internet doesn’t help – writers or bloggers see hundreds of negative comments being thrown at them, masked by the anonymity that the world wide web offers. Suddenly, because you don’t have to put a face to a comment, you’re allowed to say anything you want about somebody else? That should not be the case.

Women need to stop being negative towards other women, and towards themselves. Stop the hate, channel the jealousy into something more positive, stop passing hurtful judgements on other women, or people, whether or not they’re capable or incapable of defending themselves. The hate’s gotta stop, ladies, and hopefully, it starts with you.

SOLE 2 SOLE celebrates all women, whether you’re a single mum working hard to put your kids through school, or if you own a business and you’re tearing out your hair at the sight of your accounts, or if you’re a salesgirl trying hard to keep up the grin on your face at your part-time job after a long day at school – whatever it is you do, we celebrate you! And you should too… with a pair of new shoes…? 😉

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