What You’ll Need…


Artificial flowers of your choice
Hot glue gun + glue {mine is very old and has random bits from old crafts glued onto it}
* Metal hair clips {particularly “alligator” or “duck & bill” style with a strong grip – I found myScunci hair clips at the drug store but can’t seem to find them anywhere online}
* Felt in matching colors
* Scissors
Martha Stewart glitter glue



* Remove flowers from stems.

* Cut off longer stems.

* Cut a small oval from your felt.

* Slip your felt oval between the clip. Place a substantial amount of hot glue on the top of your clip and sides of your felt.

* Quickly set your flowers in place {the purple flowers were smaller so I used 2 small sections on either side of the clip. My blue flowers came off in large sections so I only needed one to do the trick}

* Holding your flowers in place, pinch your felt oval up and hold until your flowers set.

* Yours should look like this.

* Create sparkly centers with your Martha Stewart glitter glue.

* Clip your flowers onto your tree branches at the ends or a few inches in so your tree looks like it’s blooming!


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