A lot of people with Hunter rain boots find that they sweat white residue and it can be extremely difficult to remove. Here I have a solution that will not only remove the white residue from hunter rain boots, but it will also shine your boots so they look brand new!

Hunter Rain Boot Company has the following to say about this white residue wax bloom:

During the manufacturing of the natural rubber compound used to make Hunter boots, a white wax is inserted into the mix to help protect the rubber. During certain conditions, this wax can be brought to the surface giving the boots a white, cloudy look known as “blooming”. It does this to protect the rubber from drying out. This is a natural characteristic of the boot, not a defect, and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.
However, a lot of people find that a simple damp cloth is just not enough to remove this white residue. A lot of people try things like rubbing oil and other shining compounds on the boot which only masks the problem because when that oil or shine wears off, the white residue starts to show again. A lot of those solutions only work for a couple weeks at most.
The solution I have here will remove the white residue from hunter rain boots permanently as well as give them a bright deep lustrous shine. The instructions are very easy to follow when you have the right tools. You will need two things to get started with the white residue removal:

  1. Goo Gone Spray Gel
  2. UV TECH Protectant & Rejuvenator

You will probably have trouble finding these products in your local store, and a lot of people online tried to tell me this stuff was only available in England! I had to scour the internet to figure out that I could find them on Amazon.com for a pretty good price. The two links above take you to their location on amazon.com

Step 1:Remove the white wax residue from your hunter rain boot

Use GOO GONE to remove the while bloom waxy residue. Spray the GOO GONE directly onto the boot or cloth and use the cloth to rub the boot until the wax is gone. You will find it does take a little elbow grease but it does come of pretty easily, especially compared to just a “damp cloth”.

Take a look at the picture to the right. It shows how the GOO GONE has removed almost all of the white residue from the part of the boot I cleaned with it. (See bottom right of image)

Step 2: Use UV TECH to further clean and shine the rubber

UV TECH protectant and rejuvenator will further remove traces of the white wax residue from your hunter rain boot while giving them a deep lustrous shine. Spray the UV TECH onto the boot or a new cloth and rub the formula into the boot.

UV Tech on toe VS GOO GONE on heel

This really is a two step process. Just GOO GONE will clean the white wax residue off but it will still leave them kind of “rough” looking. The UV TECH removes the last traces of the wax and gives them the shine… but you cant just do one of these without the other. You need both to get these hunter rain boots to really shine.

The UV TECH also has the benefit of protecting your boot from UV RAYS and other nasty elements.

The picture to the right shows the difference between just removing the white wax residue with goo gone (on the heel) and doing step to to shine the Hunter rain boot with UV TECH (on the toes).

Now I went through these steps pretty quickly for purposes of demonstration and didn’t spend more than a couple on minutes on the process (which shows how easy it is with these products). You’ll probably want to take a q-tip or something to spend more time around the corners and decorative areas to get all of the white residue “bloom” off of the boot as you can see that I left some near the edges of seams.


Take a look at how awful the original hunter rain boot looked with its white waxy residue bloom, and compare it to the 5 minutes I spent cleaning it up (on the left). With these two product, it’s easy to get your Hunter rain boots looking like new again!

Update 1 July 2019: Hunter Boots now sells their own in-house cleaning kit for your rain boots. To find out more on how to clean your Hunter boots, click here.

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