From Bullets to Beauty

We’re big fans of philanthropic fashion brands and the latest brand in SOLE 2 SOLE’s portfolio is Hong Kong-based Emi&Eve.


The brand, a brainchild of designer Cassandra Posterma, employs artisans from various parts of Asia, providing stable work for marginalised individuals.


These artisans include a family in Cambodia, who smelts bomb casings into stunning symbols of friendship and peace; a group of disabled Chinese women who sew clutch handbags, and a small Thai community who weave fabrics to earn money after their coastal village was devastated in the tsunami of 2005.


Cassandra tells her story, ““After graduating from Central St Martins’ School of Art with a degree in fashion and printed textiles, I started by making clothes from fabrics I had collected from all over the world and upcycled vintage finds.

I took them to high profile boutiques in London and my designs were featured in several magazines, even landing me the British Council’s New Generation sponsorship award, putting me on the map at London Fashion Week, which was a great time.  However, as I sought out advice, I very quickly felt pressed into a certain mould, the way  my suppliers and buyers wanted things done. My way of working and designing was compromised and I lost my direction. I also missed Asia where I had grown up.

I eventually co founded a social enterprise business in Hong Kong with a friend, where we worked with micro enterprises and local disadvantaged people in Asia designing and producing handbags. We came up with some great ideas and worked with some awesome clients. Walking into Anthropologie and seeing our hand embroidered clutches among their beautiful clothing was definitely a highlight.


However, a point arrived where I again felt increasingly hemmed in. I discovered that my own story needed a voice. I concluded that when taking on other people’s stories you start to think about your own. Emi & Eve were brought to life to manifest togetherness, relationship, friendship and community.” And so the brand was born.


To see more (and to own a couple pieces for yourself), check it out on our website here.


Update 1 January 2016

Emi and Eve is no longer stocked at SOLE2SOLE. But fret not, you can still buy these lovely pieces of jewellery on the brand’s official website here.

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