A simple and fun way to add a little drama to your bare feet… however, I love the barefoot sandal even more when worn with a pair of classic pumps! Simply wrapped around my foot and ankle, I can wear any shoes {even ballet flats} and give them an entirely new look at relatively no cost.

What You’ll Need…

* Leather lace {I’m using a black suede leather lace} But a bright pinkpurplelime green orwhite would be fun too!
* Scissors


* Cut two pieces of leather lacing depending on how high you want them to wrap on your leg. I made mine just over 60″ each.

* With the center of the leather under your second toe, bring each side forward and cross over… bring them back and around your ankle {just under your ankle bone} and cross your lace in the back, bringing the sides back around to the front.

* You can simply cross your lace over each other or create a little design like I did by looping the laces around each other, then back around my leg…

* …and criss-crossing them in the back. I wanted the tie to be in the back as well. If yours is too long you can simply trim it or just tuck it under. Lace it tight enough to stay up but loose enough that it doesn’t cut into your skin or create bulges.

Wear them with simple pumps or flats to add detail or with bare feet! You don’t have to stick to leather either! A fun ribbon or even detailed embellishment trim {like tiny tassels!} in a metallic would be fun too.


Have Fun!

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