April Showers, May Flowers…Lulu Guinness

… thankfully, you don’t need showers for these forever-blooms from Lulu Guinness:

And yes, it’s actually a bag! Isn’t it adorably kitschy? Looks like what Carrie Bradshaw would be toting whilst traipsing down Soho whilst heading to brunch with the girls. If you’re not that loud of a dresser, we suggest you tone down the rest of our outfit and let your Lulu Guinness bag do all the talking.

Easy, breezy with a bright pop of colour. If you want a little more pizzaz, throw in a hot pink lipstick in your mix! 

Update 1 January 2016

To purchase your favourite Lulu Guinness bags, please visit the official website: www.luluguinness.com.

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