When I first met Desti about two years ago, I thought she had the coolest name ever. The name was begging to be something big. What I know now, is on top of the killer name, she is nothing short of an incredible human being – a talented designer, a devoted and loving mother and wife, and the most down-to-earth person you’d ever meet.

We spoke to Desti for the second part of our designer interview series… read on to find out more!

We know you started designing because you couldn’t find a gold bag, have you made the perfect gold bag? Which one is it?
I first made a gold bag that I felt the colour and texture was perfect. It came with a bright pink lining and the production run sold out within a few days. The original sample bag I made is with my Mum and she still uses it…it is still going strong !

Being a designer is not all about being creative. Which part of producing bags do you enjoy the least?
I think I least enjoy the admin side of things, there is a lot more then you realize that needs to be done. Invoicing gets me as you have to be very particular with getting codes, quantity and pricing right …am I am not a huge fan of Math!

And what do you find most gratifying?
I just love the search ! I love putting on my backpack and walking for miles for inspiration, looking at leathers, fabrics and seeing ways to create something that is unique, functional and hoping someone will like the item as much as I do.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I have three fabulous children, two cheeky dogs and a very kind husband so that takes up a lot of time. Just being there for emotional support for my kids to me is very important; teenage years are not easy but so far so good with them.

If you could put your bag on anybody dead or alive but who would it be and why?
I would love to put a bag on Sophia Loren who symbolizes everything women. Active in many charity causes, Sophia Loren is especially devoted to programs that improve the lives of young people. In 1991 Loren received the Academy Honorary Award for her contributions to world cinema and was declared “one of the world cinema’s treasures”.

The other lady would be Michelle Obama, I think she is tremendous example to women, I admire her “can do” attitude, her commitment to the underprivileged and the fact she always has a smile …such a winner!

Updated 1 January 2018

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