We’re kickstarting our 5 questions interview series with the lady behind Heels Diva, a line of wicked cool shoe clips that personalises and brings your favourite heels several notches higher in the style metre.

1. What made you want to start Heels Diva?
A visit to the cobbler gave me the idea of crafting my own shoe accessories line. At that time I was serving my job notice period as a Property Manager when he pointed out the scratches on the back of my nearly-new pair of heels. When I asked if he could fix them, he answered that many of his customers were coming in with the same problem, especially those who had invested in designer shoes. He even said,”If I could find a solution for that, my customers would be very happy.”

Later that evening as I discussed my next career path over drinks with a Dutch friend and related the conversation I had with the cobbler, this was when she introduced the concept of shoe accessories to me. Many of my friends including myself would buy a pair of shoes because of the detail or the ribbon on the shoe. I thought that if I could create clip-on for shoes, that way people could select the shoe clips that they like and attach it to any of their existing shoes. That was the perfect setup for a clever business niche.

I feel that this business works for me because it is very much in alignment with my passion and who I am. It allows me to combine my love for creating beautiful handcrafted things and shoes into a business that value adds to woman.

2. Which’s most gratifying about doing shoe clips?
The most gratifying about doing shoe clips was to see how excited my customers get when they wear our shoe clips on their own shoes. Despite being the same pair of shoe clips, they look different on different shoes and when worn by different people depending on the individual’s style. I am glad I can be part of the process to create wearable designs.

3. You do customisations. Do you have favourites, or interesting stories that have come up along the way?
Many of my customers like collecting Heels Diva shoe clips because from time to time, we create designs in limited quantity. Some customers would approach me to design shoe clips that match their wedding theme or in a certain colour to match a particular dress/shoes. What aids in customisation is when customers can provide the material for the shoe clips, e.g. if they have a certain flower or fabric that they like to be included in the shoe clips. That way, the shoe clips can be more easily customized to suit what they want.

There are also many ways to wear shoe clips. Besides wearing on shoes, shoe clips can also be worn as a brooch. I remember one time a customer turn up at our booth clipping it on the lower side of her oversize blouse after just being briefly told that she could use it as a brooch. There are also others who wear it on their bags or even on their hair, especially the feathered designs.

4. What makes a fabulous pair of shoes?
A fabulous pair of shoes is one that is comfortable and yet unique with some special detail on it that have people asking where you bought the shoes from. That is why I always encourage people to invest in a comfortable plain shoe, even if you need to spend some time breaking in to. When paired with our shoe clips, it is such a great way to turn a pair of comfortable shoes into multiple looks. If you want more glamour, choose designs that have crystals and diamente on them or those with feathers. For simpler looks, go for the Classic Chic collection featured with genuine leather and beads.

5. What should a woman never leave home without?
I think what a woman should never leave home is her confidence. I think being comfortable in her own skin and having a firm belief of who she is, is the most beautiful “accessory” she can wear.

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