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Anti-Slip by Shoe Spa

Anti-Slip by Shoe Spa

By Shoe Spa

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These anti-slips by Shoe Spa are perfect for protecting your shoes' soles and providing a good grip so that you don't slip when walking! 

Using 3M technology, these anti-slips are very easy to stick onto your shoes! They can be applied on all ladies' shoes (they are a little small for men's shoes) with leather or synthetic soles.

If you have rubber soles on your shoes, these shouldn't be necessary to apply.


We would recommend them to be put on a new pair as the soles will still be clean.

If the shoes have been worn, there is a piece of sandpaper provided that can be used to clean off dirt and grime from the soles. Use some scotch tape or masking tape to remove all the sandy bits after sandpapering the soles. Then stick the anti-slips on. 


If you wish for us to stick them onto your shoes before delivery, please advise us under "Special Instructions".

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