Lady's Secret Anti-Skid Mini Pad
Lady's Secret

Lady's Secret Anti-Skid Mini Pad

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Lady's Secret Anti-Skid Mini Pads are non-slip pads to stop feet from sliding forwards and prevent ugly "toe overhang" in open-toed shoes. Can be used with bare feet, stockings or tights.  Suitable for use with both classic shoes and thong sandals. Product from France.

Details and how to use:

  • Each pack contains 1 pair of mini pads.
  • Wipe the inside of your shoe to make sure that it is clean and dry.
  • Peel off the protective film.
  • Insert with sticky side down.
  • Press firmly over the whole length of the insole to ensure that it adheres correctly.


Please note: The design of packaging differs slightly from the image shown.

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