Desti Saint Charm Bracelets

Charmed, Really by Desti Saint If you’ve been to our store, you’d know that we’ve got a delightful plethora of brands that will let you channel anything from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga, and we have a lot of love for the labels and designers that we...
Lulu Guinness Singapore

Lulu Guinness Singapore

Lulu Guinness OBE famous for exquisite, witty handbags and accessories, launched her company in 1989 and instantly became a “must” in every fashion aficionado’s international address book. Wild praise in the fashion media paved the way for Lulu...

Lovin’ Dita with Lulu Guinness

Dita Von Teese is fabulous personified. She’s classy, she’s dripping with sexy and she looks so effortlessly put together all the time. We love this paparazzi shot of her – perfect bold signature red lips with her hair up, matching halterneck top and...


Momaboma for Xmas? Buy Momaboma bag If you’ve noticed our bag of the month feature on the sidebar, it’s changed to the super cute Momaboma LP bag from the new Momaboma range (Momaboma Bag)that we have in store! One part craft, one part luxury and a whole...
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