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How to Clean Your Hunter Boots

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A lot of people with Hunter rain boots find that they sweat white residue and it can be extremely difficult to remove. Here I have a solution that will not only remove the white residue from hunter rain boots, but it will also shine your boots so they look brand new! Hunter Rain Boot Company has the following to say about this white residue wax bloom: During the manufacturing of the natural rubber compound used to make Hunter boots, a white wax is inserted into the mix to help protect the rubber. During certain conditions, this wax can be brought...

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Everybody Loves Hunter Boots!

Celebrity Hunter wellies

We've recently got a new arrival in store, and we're all giggly with delight cos' we all want 'em in every colour - they're heaps of fun, they make you want to jump into puddles and they come in a fabulous myraid of colours. Yes! We're dishing on Hunter Boots! Plus it helps that every other celebrity is wearing them! And with the gloomy weather we've had in Singapore of late, you should totally invest in a pair, so you'll never be caught knee deep in a flash flood ever again!

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