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Get On Board With Spring 2014 Trends

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I know it feels like the last Winter season has barely started, but the new year is here, and we're on the brink of a new fashion collection. We know your shoes and accessories are your staples, but what will you be wearing with your Meher Kakalia flats this season? We give you the low-down: Take inspiration from your favourite 70s icons. The key to this one is picking the boxy, blousey top that will end right around the waistband of your pants, or choosing a top that’s long and slim enough to tuck into your favorite jeans. Either way, the...

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How to Clean Your Hunter Boots

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A lot of people with Hunter rain boots find that they sweat white residue and it can be extremely difficult to remove. Here I have a solution that will not only remove the white residue from hunter rain boots, but it will also shine your boots so they look brand new! Hunter Rain Boot Company has the following to say about this white residue wax bloom: During the manufacturing of the natural rubber compound used to make Hunter boots, a white wax is inserted into the mix to help protect the rubber. During certain conditions, this wax can be brought...

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Out Damn Spot: Remove Stains from Your Clothes

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Whether it is you've had one rockin' night out, or you've stupidly worn white to a 2-year-old's birthday party, nobody likes stains, especially stylists. A stain on a loaned piece of garment means that we have to fork out money to send it to the drycleaners', so here are some nifty tricks up my sleeve you can keep in mind next time you find yourself in a sticky situation. With all clothes, however, check the clothing care label because you don't want to end up ruining it. Lipstick Whether it was a friendly hug, intimate encounter, or simply an accident...

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