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Introducing one of the newest members of our SOLE 2 SOLE family, Adeleine Lee, who kicks off our Staff Picks series. Our staff is surrounded by shoes and bags and accessories all the time and know them all by the back of their hands.  Adeleine joined our team several months ago and she is charge of the marketing affairs at SOLE 2 SOLE. In her own words, " I have a wonderful and fun team and the MANY irresistible shoes!!! I love shoes A LOT!!!" Adeleine says that her dream pair of shoes has to be at least four inches in height,...

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Date with Dad

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if there's one man in your life you shouldn't forget about, it's your good ole' Daddy. Research indicates that a father greatly influences his daughter’s future romantic relationships. Thus, Focus on the Family Singapore (FOTFS), a local charity, is organizing the Date with Dad (DwD) campaign to: • enhance parental involvement in shaping their children’s values and attitudes towards sexuality and relationships. • encourage fathers to affirm their daughter’s value and worth by taking her out on a special date, particularly as a rite of passage. In view of Focus on the Family’s 10th...

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12 Days of Christmas Sale!

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Shoes piled up in the entranceway? Mudroom? Bedroom? Here's a pretty comprehensive list of the many ways of dealing with shoe storage - for those with just a few pairs, or quite a lot. In each category, I'm showing just some of the many options. 1. Shoe racks Here are a few alternatives to give you an idea of the range of options: - Woodlore modular shoe rack - Walnut wooden shoe rack (shown above) - Cedar shoe racks - Metro shoe racks - Skohyllor shoe racks from Mio in Sweden - Shoe rack from Side by Side in Germany 2. Shoe Cubbies These can be built into a...

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