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SOLE 2 SOLE says farewell to the retail scene

Bags Fabio Rusconi French Sole Lucy Choi London Lulu Guinness Mandarin Gallery Millenia Walk Shoes United Nude

Hi Sole Sistas, As 19 April 2015 approaches, we are starting to feel nostalgic about leaving the retail scene. That is the day we will have our last day in a brick and mortar shop at Scotts Square before we go completely online. I know some of you have dropped by since our email went out about our clearance sale, and we're really happy to see familiar faces before we go! It's been just over 10 years that SOLE 2 SOLE was first founded! We started off basically bringing in brands like Casadei, Sergio Rossi and Roberto Del Carlo shoes...

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Go for Gold! Lulu Guinness lips

accessories Accessorise gold lipclutches lulu guinness makeup olympics shoes wearing gold

  With all the fuss around the Olympics, we can't help but to get into the spirit... but unfortunately, we're not going to be able to jump over physical hurdles for a gold medal anytime soon. Instead, we've looked to incorporating gold into our day-to-day wear with the lulu guinness lips! Glam Gold Accessories Accessorizing yourself with glamorous gold accessories is the first smartest way to incorporate gold. Gold accessories in variety of colors and items can be a great addition to your wardrobe as well as to your personality. For instance, you can just begin by donning ornaments such...

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Legs Up to Your Neck

dresses heels Howto legs longer shoes taller waistband

While checking out a pretty lady some time ago, a good friend of mine commented, "Wow, she has legs up to her neck!" And honestly, it did look like she was all legs and then, head. His comment came to mind when I was whipping up this article. Lucky Magazine did a fun little article on how to look taller with three easy styling tricks. Because let's be honest, no matter how tall or short we are, we would all love to have mile-long legs any day of the week, right? So, here are the tips. Keep the colour palette light. Supposedly pairing up pale tones (like the...

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Glitter Sneaker DIY

craft DIY Fabio Rusconi glitter glittershoes glittersneakers shoes sneakers studs United Nude

We'll admit it - as much as we love our Fabio Rusconi wedges, and our crazy United Nude Eamz pumps that always strike conversation, there are times when all we want is just to skip around in sneakers. Here's a fun way to make your favourite sneakers a conversational piece too! DIYers have been glueing glitter to their shoes for decades! The most challenging part of this DIY was figuring out what material I was going to use to create the steel toe. I was thrilled to find the little pyramid studs in my own craft closet to complete the...

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Shoe Trends for Spring Summer 2012

designershoes heels high heels shoes Trend trends

    If you also belong to the bunch of shoe crazy lot, you definitely realize how much can a pair of shoes accentuate your glamor quotient and enhance your overall look. Just as makeup and clothing trends update with the change in seasons, trends in shoe collection also undergo constant change. While there are some shoes that are more comfortable than stylish, there are others that are glamorous and sexy. It’s you who have to decide what kind of shoes will be a better fit for you. So, brace yourself to acquaint yourself with the most happening of the...

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