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Introducing one of the newest members of our SOLE 2 SOLE family, Adeleine Lee, who kicks off our Staff Picks series. Our staff is surrounded by shoes and bags and accessories all the time and know them all by the back of their hands.  Adeleine joined our team several months ago and she is charge of the marketing affairs at SOLE 2 SOLE. In her own words, " I have a wonderful and fun team and the MANY irresistible shoes!!! I love shoes A LOT!!!" Adeleine says that her dream pair of shoes has to be at least four inches in height,...

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Ornaments for your tree & your hair!

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What You'll Need...   * Artificial flowers of your choice * Hot glue gun + glue {mine is very old and has random bits from old crafts glued onto it} * Metal hair clips {particularly "alligator" or "duck & bill" style with a strong grip - I found myScunci hair clips at the drug store but can't seem to find them anywhere online} * Felt in matching colors * Scissors * Martha Stewart glitter glue Steps...   * Remove flowers from stems. * Cut off longer stems. * Cut a small oval from your felt. * Slip your felt oval between the clip. Place a substantial amount of hot...

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DIY Your Xmas Gifts Part 1

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DIY Rope Necklace w/ Crystal Copper Plumbing Elbow Gift-buying is heaps of fun... until the credit card bill comes in. So instead of buying something for everybody in your life, why not have some fun and DIY some gifts for your girlfriends? Start with this easy peasy rope necklace! This is one of my simpler DIYs and only took about five minutes or so to make. Here's What You'll Need... * Soft nylon rope cording {I stole mine from a pretty gift bag but you can find it in the curtain and/or trim section of your craft/fabric store} * 90-degree Copper...

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