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We ♡ Lulu

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It goes without saying of course, that we at SOLE 2 SOLE love the brand Lulu Guinness. While I myself may own a very humble collection of Lulu Guinness, I proudly call them family heirlooms, because that's exactly what they are. More than just bags or accessories, Lulu Guinness products always have some sort of whimsical story, they're colourful and they make a statement. Sure, I might not be toting my classic lip clutch wherever I go, but they're definitely a prized possession in my wardrobe! The latest Lulu Guinness Spring Summer 2014 that just arrived in our store in...

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Go for Gold! Lulu Guinness lips

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  With all the fuss around the Olympics, we can't help but to get into the spirit... but unfortunately, we're not going to be able to jump over physical hurdles for a gold medal anytime soon. Instead, we've looked to incorporating gold into our day-to-day wear with the lulu guinness lips! Glam Gold Accessories Accessorizing yourself with glamorous gold accessories is the first smartest way to incorporate gold. Gold accessories in variety of colors and items can be a great addition to your wardrobe as well as to your personality. For instance, you can just begin by donning ornaments such...

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