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Kandee Shoes For Christmas

Glamour Glitter Heels High Heels Kandee Kandee Shoes

Image by Kandee Shoes     We all love a spot of glitter and shine for Christmas! And why not party away this festive season with some fabulous shoes by KANDEE.   KANDEE is known for their outrageously fun and glamorous shoes - think high heels, glitter, spikes, bright colours and platform heels. Popular with many fashionistas, this Brit label is on the wish list of every fashionable woman.                                   All you need is a pair of KANDEE heels to glamourise you party outfit...

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Shoe Trends for Spring Summer 2012

designershoes heels high heels shoes Trend trends

    If you also belong to the bunch of shoe crazy lot, you definitely realize how much can a pair of shoes accentuate your glamor quotient and enhance your overall look. Just as makeup and clothing trends update with the change in seasons, trends in shoe collection also undergo constant change. While there are some shoes that are more comfortable than stylish, there are others that are glamorous and sexy. It’s you who have to decide what kind of shoes will be a better fit for you. So, brace yourself to acquaint yourself with the most happening of the...

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How to Walk in High Heels

heels high heels how to Howto stilettoes stilettos walking in heels

Let's face it - we're not born with the ability to walk on high heels. It's one of the things we have to put ourselves through as we grow up, and while some of us rock 'em heels like we belong on the catwalk, others need a little help. We found this quick video will help you figure out what you need to correct, and how to correct your posture when in heels. Remember that fit, and make are two very important things to consider when purchasing heels. It is not natural for us to walk on stilts so do...

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