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Kandee Shoes For Christmas

Glamour Glitter Heels High Heels Kandee Kandee Shoes

Image by Kandee Shoes     We all love a spot of glitter and shine for Christmas! And why not party away this festive season with some fabulous shoes by KANDEE.   KANDEE is known for their outrageously fun and glamorous shoes - think high heels, glitter, spikes, bright colours and platform heels. Popular with many fashionistas, this Brit label is on the wish list of every fashionable woman.                                   All you need is a pair of KANDEE heels to glamourise you party outfit...

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5 Questions With... Celeste of Heels Diva

Accessorise designer designers designershoes DIY heels heels diva Inspiration interview shoe clips Shop

We're kickstarting our 5 questions interview series with the lady behind Heels Diva, a line of wicked cool shoe clips that personalises and brings your favourite heels several notches higher in the style metre. 1. What made you want to start Heels Diva? A visit to the cobbler gave me the idea of crafting my own shoe accessories line. At that time I was serving my job notice period as a Property Manager when he pointed out the scratches on the back of my nearly-new pair of heels. When I asked if he could fix them, he answered that many...

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Legs Up to Your Neck

dresses heels Howto legs longer shoes taller waistband

While checking out a pretty lady some time ago, a good friend of mine commented, "Wow, she has legs up to her neck!" And honestly, it did look like she was all legs and then, head. His comment came to mind when I was whipping up this article. Lucky Magazine did a fun little article on how to look taller with three easy styling tricks. Because let's be honest, no matter how tall or short we are, we would all love to have mile-long legs any day of the week, right? So, here are the tips. Keep the colour palette light. Supposedly pairing up pale tones (like the...

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Shoe Trends for Spring Summer 2012

designershoes heels high heels shoes Trend trends

    If you also belong to the bunch of shoe crazy lot, you definitely realize how much can a pair of shoes accentuate your glamor quotient and enhance your overall look. Just as makeup and clothing trends update with the change in seasons, trends in shoe collection also undergo constant change. While there are some shoes that are more comfortable than stylish, there are others that are glamorous and sexy. It’s you who have to decide what kind of shoes will be a better fit for you. So, brace yourself to acquaint yourself with the most happening of the...

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Best Shoes for Your Body Type

Beauty body type flats heels petite pumps shoes size Street Style Trend

HomePost New Entry     Most of us turn to clothes to fix our common body hang-ups, but we tend to forget that shoes help show off the favourite parts of your body, or even help make the least favourite bits a tad better. Problem: Small and petite If your legs are on the shorter and slimmer side, you usually would want to add height to your frame. Think platforms, wedges and heels without straps. Straps would almost cut your leg off in two, making you look even smaller. Make sure there's nothing in the line of vision between your...

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