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We ♡ Lulu

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It goes without saying of course, that we at SOLE 2 SOLE love the brand Lulu Guinness. While I myself may own a very humble collection of Lulu Guinness, I proudly call them family heirlooms, because that's exactly what they are. More than just bags or accessories, Lulu Guinness products always have some sort of whimsical story, they're colourful and they make a statement. Sure, I might not be toting my classic lip clutch wherever I go, but they're definitely a prized possession in my wardrobe! The latest Lulu Guinness Spring Summer 2014 that just arrived in our store in...

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A Glimpse Inside the Elegant World of Carolina Herrera

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Anita Kapoor at Social Star Awards 2013

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The stunning Anita Kapoor rocked a Lulu Guinness lip clutch at the Social Star Awards that happened in Singapore over the past week!  

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"Helena Bonham Carter’s Poor Cousin"

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(EDITORIAL FROM HARPER’S BAZAAR CHINA VIA SOPHIE MCELLIGOTT.) We love londoner sophie mcelligott‘s story almost as much as we love everything she does—from her work as a stylist to her extraordinary crown-like headbands. oh, and when she describes her style, she says she’s like “helena bonham carter’s poor cousin.” you really can’t go wrong with that.

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5 Questions With… Desti Saint of Desti Saint Handbags

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When I first met Desti about two years ago, I thought she had the coolest name ever. The name was begging to be something big. What I know now, is on top of the killer name, she is nothing short of an incredible human being - a talented designer, a devoted and loving mother and wife, and the most down-to-earth person you'd ever meet. We spoke to Desti for the second part of our designer interview series... read on to find out more! We know you started designing because you couldn't find a gold bag, have you made the perfect gold bag?...

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