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Get On Board With Spring 2014 Trends

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I know it feels like the last Winter season has barely started, but the new year is here, and we're on the brink of a new fashion collection. We know your shoes and accessories are your staples, but what will you be wearing with your Meher Kakalia flats this season? We give you the low-down: Take inspiration from your favourite 70s icons. The key to this one is picking the boxy, blousey top that will end right around the waistband of your pants, or choosing a top that’s long and slim enough to tuck into your favorite jeans. Either way, the...

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DIY Barefoot Sandal + Shoe Enhancer

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A simple and fun way to add a little drama to your bare feet... however, I love the barefoot sandaleven more when worn with a pair of classic pumps! Simply wrapped around my foot and ankle, I can wear any shoes {even ballet flats} and give them an entirely new look at relatively no cost. What You'll Need... * Leather lace {I'm using a black suede leather lace} But a bright pink, purple, lime green orwhite would be fun too! * Scissors Steps... * Cut two pieces of leather lacing depending on how high you want them to wrap on your leg. I made mine just over 60" each....

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DIY Beaded Lace Choker Inspired by Downton Abbey...

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I recently {and finally!} started the Downton Abbey series... and not 2 episodes in, I was itching toDIY a fabulous choker inspired by their attire. For this particular look though, I was inspired more by the high necklines of many of their dresses rather than a necklace specifically. But I've already got ideas for more statement types of necklaces as well. I'm feeling a high neckline return on the horizon, and I'm betting it's all thanks to Downton. And the 90's revival, of course. Here's What You'll Need... * Lace or lace trim with scalloped edges {look for lace that is soft to...

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DIY Your Xmas Gifts Part 1

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DIY Rope Necklace w/ Crystal Copper Plumbing Elbow Gift-buying is heaps of fun... until the credit card bill comes in. So instead of buying something for everybody in your life, why not have some fun and DIY some gifts for your girlfriends? Start with this easy peasy rope necklace! This is one of my simpler DIYs and only took about five minutes or so to make. Here's What You'll Need... * Soft nylon rope cording {I stole mine from a pretty gift bag but you can find it in the curtain and/or trim section of your craft/fabric store} * 90-degree Copper...

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Easy Peasy DIY Earrings

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While we're on the topic of DIYs, here's a wonderful DIY by Alison of for fringe earrings. It's so so easy we're planning to make heaps of them to give away to our favourite girls as a treat some time soon!

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