DIY Coloured Soles

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Yes, who can resist the allure of sexy scarlet soles by the one and only Mr Louboutin... of course, until you look at the price tag. Designer shoes are not for everybody's paycheques. For those of us with our feet on the ground and mouths to feed, sometimes, you just gotta sacrifice luxury for reality.

SOLE 2 SOLE offers a plethora of shoes that are both affordable and luxurious - from the funky United Nude pieces, to trusty French Sole flats that will last you for years. Of course, if you're still coveting coloured soles, you can take a Saturday afternoon and DIY them. Here's how:

Step by Step Instructions: 

  • Prep your shoes by cleaning the soles with rubbing alcohol, this well help the color stick better.
  • Prime your shoes with white nail-polish. You can use the nail polish brush, but I suggest getting one a little bit bigger so it goes faster. Once you paint the sole of each shoe, let them dry (should take about 10 minutes).
  • Clean your brush between colors using nail polish remover, and start painting the soles the color of your choice. You will probably need two coats, yet be sure to let the first coat dry before starting on your second coat.
  • Let dry for about thirty minutes, just to be safe & you’re done.

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