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Everybody’s sartorial inspiration changes from time to time; it can be from a fashion blogger, a friend, or even a magazine spread you’ve seen recently. My obsession with TV has many a times contributed to the way I dress, and these days, I'm twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of the new season of Mad Men that will roll out soon!

For those who haven’t watched the show, it’s set around an advertising agency in 1960s New York, the golden era of advertising. It’s also one of my favourite era of clothes – when men dressed like men and women dressed like women. With suits, and pocket squares and crinoline and pencil dresses. Women were sexy and it’s incredibly alluring to me.

Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant was once asked if the show’s vintage style rubs off on her current wardrobe. “Sure,” she replied, “But there’s a fine line between looking like you’ve been influenced by the early ’60s, and looking like you’re going to a theme party for the early ’60s!” In other words: A little period styling goes a very long way. With that in mind, we thumbed through current collections in search of the perfect outfit for a Madworld.

The Wealthy Housewife
Betty Draper is the perfect housewife – she dresses to the nines to matter where she’s headed and her hair is perfectly coiffed. You can try a floral frock for something Betty-esque, but for a little bit of Grace Kelly by way of Ossining, think about slim pants. These tapered slacks from Sandro were inspired specifically by the sporty, elegant silhouette of the movie star princess.

The Bombshell
Anyone can pull off this look, but the secret is knowing your shape and accentuating your best parts, a la Joan. Whether you’re getting a start up agency off the ground, or in charge of something more established, this curve-enhancing number from Diane von Furstenberg is the perfect mix of business and bombshell.

The Up-and-Comer
Peggy might have been a late-bloomer, but Season 3 proved she is as capable of exploiting her office (and bedroom) talents as anyone else. This pussy-bow blouse from ASOS sums up Peggy’s style in one piece of clothing.

For Mad Women and Mad Men
At Sterling Cooper, men and women have separate jobs, distinct salaries, and a different set of office politics to avoid. What they do have in common? Styling accessories, like Ray Ban sunglasses, the shades worn by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Bob Dylan. Don Draper has a pair; so does Jane Siegel.

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