How to Dress for Your Height: Petite Girls


Short, petite, tiny, vertically-challenged - there are enough names to brand those of us who are lacking in height, but while we may envy those who have legs that can go for miles and can fit into any pair of jeans, we should embrace our height with confidence!

“Confidence always comes from within and towering stilettos can give you a false sense of that.” – Rachel Bilson, who is 157.5cm tall.

1. Waist-ing It

Create the illusion of a shorter torso and long, long legs by wearing a high-waisted bottom like how these celebs are rocking high-waisted bottoms:


While we'd all love to be a walking bag of skittles, wearing too much colour may actually make you look shorter than you are, so try wearing a monochromatic outfit. Whether you're doing an all-black number or rocking the hot shade of nude, it'll make you look much taller. How to do that? Just pick a jumpsuit!

Don’t like to wear an all colour theme? You can just simply wear the same colour shoes as your pants/leggings/stockings. It’s a great alternative, too.

3. Max Out Your Maxi

We've told you how to rock your maxi dresses, now it's time to max out your maxi and make them worth every single cent!

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