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Meher Kakalia

In a time where the masses turn to mass-produced high street retailers like Topshop, H&M and the likes, it's nice to meet a designer whose brand and products that is not only a breath of fresh air, but also exudes a little soul.

When Faz was in London in July, she had the pleasure of meeting footwear and accessories designer, Meher Kakalia and had a chat with her and delved deep into the realms of the art of shoe-making, and the nitty grittys of her stunning shoe line.

Designed in her studio in London, Meher's shoes are all handmade by craftsmen in a workshop Meher had set up in her hometown in Karachi, Pakistan. The soles of the shoes are extremely sturdy because they have been made with recycled truck tyres and all the shoes are handstitched to perfection - one, to make sure they're top quality and don't give way like glue would over time, and two, to make sure her staff don't have to breathe in the harmful fumes that come with using glue in a workshop.

Meher Kakalia

Pretty neat, huh? Plus, her shoes are works of art that you wear on your feet - comfortable works of art, that is!

Meher Kakalia

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