Fall Trends: Grandma Chic - Lulu Guinness

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Lulu Guinness
Pictured, from left to right: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton.

We're inching closer to gorgeous Fall season (and to the launches of our Fall collections - we're so excited!) and one of the big trends that are rocking the runways is the fifties flashback: from full skirts to cute cat-eye glasses and anything Mad Men (more about Mad Men in a coming post!) - the 50s is back and you won't miss it! More refined than retro, the current take on the 50s throwback is very refined - skirts are longer, and heels are more of a sensible height - no more insane 7-inch monster platforms to balance on. And you know what? We love this sensibility!

Lulu Guinness

In fact, just in case your future's a tad too bright and you need some cover-up for your peepers, channel the 50s vibe with the gorgeous polka-dotted Lulu Guinness shades we have in store. Not only will you be rocking trends before anyone else, you can also be sure the sun's not going to get in your eye! We love Lulu Guinness..

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