Sealed With a Kiss - Lulu's Lips clutch

lulu guinness Street Style

There is an obligatory photo you need to take once you own one of Lulu's Lips clutch and Faz and Trina demonstrate with their fab red Perspex Lips Clutches:

Lulu's Lips clutch

Alternatively, you can download Lulu Guinness' brand new iPhone app.

The Lulu Guinness App has three playful and interactive functions.

Lulu's Lips clutch

You can navigate yourself around Lulu’s inspiration board, composed of iconic images and heritage pieces from 21 years of brand history. Click through certain links to delve deeper into the brand and discover Lulu’s iconic lips collection, or Lulu’s celebrity followers.

Check out the locations of the Lulu Guinness own stores, and find out Lulu’s favourite places to visit in the surrounding area. Her secret addresses for must see places.

The interactive aspect of the App is the ‘Be a Glamour Girl’ section, where you can accessorise photos of you and your friends with one of Lulu’s Iconic lips clutches. Choose a photo, select your favourite Lips clutch and find the perfect handwritten frame from Lulu herself.

It has our seal of approval for sure! What do you think? How can you not love Lulu's Lips clutch?

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