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Given the rainy weather we've had recently, I felt it would be great to showcase our latest collection of Lulu Guinness umbrellas!

Lulu Guinness Tiny 2 Leopard Eye UmbrellaLulu Guinness Tiny 2 Lips Grid Red UmbrellaLulu Guinness Superslim Doll Face Icon Umbrella Lulu Guinness Superslim Lips Grid Grey Umbrella


Personally,  I find these foldable umbrellas are small and fit nicely into my handbag. I love bringing them on my travels as they are easy to carry around and I can whip them out whenever faced with sudden rain showers.. especially when in London… typical British weather!


If you find the foldable umbrellas a tad small, you might like our "tall brollies" and an absolute winner is our Lulu Guinness Birdcage umbrella! Here it is with a couple of our lovely customers - they've certainly made our brolly look ever so glamorous!





The Lulu Guinness umbrellas are made by UK company Fulton, the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear in Britain. Founded in 1956 by engineer and inventor Arnold Fulton in a small factory in London, Fulton uses the highest quality materials, technical innovation and fashion design. The company has the honour to hold a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen.


Post written by Lynette Lim, owner of SOLE 2 SOLE.


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