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SOLE 2 SOLE says farewell to the retail scene

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Lynette Lim | 0 comments

Hi Sole Sistas,

As 19 April 2015 approaches, we are starting to feel nostalgic about leaving the retail scene. That is the day we will have our last day in a brick and mortar shop at Scotts Square before we go completely online. I know some of you have dropped by since our email went out about our clearance sale, and we're really happy to see familiar faces before we go!

It's been just over 10 years that SOLE 2 SOLE was first founded! We started off basically bringing in brands like Casadei, Sergio Rossi and Roberto Del Carlo shoes at outlet prices which then evolved into introducing brands like French Sole, Fabio Rusconi, Lucy Choi London, United Nude and Lulu Guinness shoes into the Singapore market. Known for our quirky and fun brands, we strived to bring in shoes that were comfortable and well designed. That eventually led to us acquiring our key brand Lulu Guinness for the handbags and we had tremendous fun representing the brand!


 SOLE 2 SOLE at Mandarin Gallery SOLE 2 SOLE second shop at Mandarin Gallery
Our first shop at Mandarin Gallery The second shop at Mandarin Gallery


 SOLE 2 SOLE at Millenia Walk Interior of SOLE 2 SOLE | Millenia Walk
SOLE 2 SOLE at Millenia Walk Interior of shop at Millenia Walk


As our business grew, we moved from our tiny little Mandarin Gallery store to larger premises at Millenia Walk in 2008 where we threw lots of Lulu Guinness themed parties for our customers!

SOLE 2 SOLE | Lulu Guinness | Lip Clutches

Our guests at one of our Lulu Guinness parties with Lulu's iconic Lip Clutches!


 our customer Simone and her Lulu brolley Getting ready for the party
Our VIP Simone and her Lulu Guinness brolly Getting ready for the party!


Throughout this whole journey, our philosophy has always been about comfort, fun and quirky design. As the brands we represented evolved, so did we and even now, we are re-strategising for our online business as we close our physical stores.

On a personal note Sole Sistas, it has been a fabulous 10 years and I am experiencing many poignant moments as customers walk into Scotts Square to wish us well! What I cherish most are the memories of having happy customers, nothing made my day and my team's day more when customers walked in beaming with smile, showing off their recent purchases from us and saying that the shoes were so comfortable or that they received loads of compliments from their friends on their little treasures they bought from us.



 Judy with Lulu Guinness Collectibles

Sheila in United Nude Eamz Maki


As cliched as it may sound, life goes on and we'll need to evolve. That's the fun bit about retail, it keeps us constantly on our toes! So do make sure you are connected with us, either by email, Facebook or Instagram. And for those of you who love United Nude, fret not, our counter is still at Ladies Shoes, Level 2, Takashimaya Department Store!

Thank you Sole Sistas for all your support through the years, it has been a wonderful journey, my team and I have made loads of friends and we're so grateful to have been a part of your lives as you have been in ours.

Cheers from the SOLE 2 SOLE team


With love and gratitude,



Founder of SOLE 2 SOLE



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Farewell to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Posted on March 31, 2015 by Lynette Lim | 0 comments
In memory of Lee Kuan Yew

This whole week has been an emotional one watching our country mourn the passing of our founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

As a kid growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, I remember my parents talking about the stop at two policy when I asked why did they not have another kid (there's just me and my brother)! And we were of that generation where the bilingualism policy of learning our Mother Tongue was in place in education. I used to wonder why my cousins could all learn Malay but I had to learn Mandarin, a language that I struggled with constantly throughout my schooling years given the English speaking background I grew up with.

On hindsight, I now appreciate the bilingualism policy that Mr. Lee put in place. Whilst English may be lingua franca, being able to communicate in Mandarin or Bahasa for business or even socially has been a tremendous advantage. 

My parents belonged to the generation that saw Mr. Lee and his team build this nation. They lived through the time when this country faced the  Japanese Occupation and the race riots and tension of the 1960s. For them, Mr. Lee has been instrumental in taking our country to a first world nation status.

So on 29 March 2015 at 12 noon, my father and I stood along the roadside to witness the funeral procession. The heavens opened and it poured. But everyone braved the rain. I saw strangers helping each other: a lady offering to hold the umbrella for another woman so that she could help her husband hold up the large state flag. Volunteers giving out water and little state flags for us to wave at the cortege. And the policemen who stopped traffic once the procession passed so that we could all cross the road safely and avoid congesting the connecting bridge at the MRT station. 

Funeral procession of Lee Kuan Yew

Funeral cortege of Lee Kuan Yew

In moments, as the funeral procession approached, people started shouting "Lee Kuan Yew". The cortege passed and it was over. It was a poignant moment. And then in silence, the crowd dispersed quietly.

Crowds leaving the funeral procession | Lee Kuan Yew

This past week as I reflected on what we have achieved as a nation through the sheer single-mindedness, vision, leadership, tenacity and commitment from this one man, I also can't help but wonder at our future. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I appreciate and am deeply grateful of the open, honest and transparent business environment that this man's legacy has created. Having said that, the twin challenges of high operating costs and labour crunch that small businesses face in recent years is something that will need to be addressed urgently if Singapore still wants to retain its competitive edge.

I can only hold onto the belief that the Government and the people of this country will continue to uphold the values of meritocracy, integrity and responsibility that Mr. Lee stood for.

Farewell Sir. May you rest in peace.

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Handmade Hong Bao Organziers by Org-a-me

Posted on January 12, 2015 by Lynette Lim | 0 comments
Org-a-me Ang Pow Organizers

Chinese New Year is nearly upon us and as we shop for our new year wardrobe, CNY decorations and goodies to welcome our guests, why not get these beautiful hong bao organizers by Org-a-me?

Made of 100% silk, these Org-a-me pouches are divided into three compartments so that you can differentiate the various denominations for your red packets. Decorated with an elegant clasp in either pearls or crystals, these pouches will ensure that you look elegant and chic during your CNY visits! No more fussing with various envelopes, rubber bands, paper-clips and what-nots!

These gorgeous hong bao organizers are priced at S$68 each and are exclusive to SOLE 2 SOLE. Available online now so start shopping!

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